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You will get a graded certificate after successful completion of this course and the final assessment.


  • Course Name : .NET
  • Category : Programming
  • Duration : 8 Week

Course Description

For classroom sessions, Simple topics will start with recap of important points and discussion of concepts, followed by solving of exercises in the lab. Training Moderately difficult topics will be explained in brief with example(s) and demonstration(s). Questions will be asked and discussed and if required, demonstration with more examples will be carried out, followed by solving of exercises in the lab. Difficult topics will be explained in depth with example(s) and demonstration(s) for each concept. Learners will be asked to answer a set of questions and the responses will be taken up as group discussions in the class. Difficulties faced by participants with regards to the subject matter will be resolved through collaboration with peers and an expert who will mentor the online learning.

We are very excited about the possibilities with the TCS iON Academic Hub. Online programs are gaining in popularity and TCS iON’s Academic Hub provides a set of functionalities that help address the challenges in successful adoption. The future ultimately lies in a blended platform such as the Manac Infotech's Academic Hub that enables physical classroom integrated with a digital class room.


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